We make you
a master baker
at home

Enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread at home

Having a nice breakfast, lunch or drink together. Spending time with family and friends. You find happiness in the small things. We, at Dutch Bakery, are acutely aware of this. This is why we have been creating the tastiest bread and snack products for over 80 years. Today, we specialise in home bake-off products.

Pure passion for bread and workmanship

Our passion for bread and workmanship are the foundations for the excellent products we create. Their taste is the best proof! Our wide assortment offers something to suit all tastes at any time of the day, guaranteed fresh and always delicious. Ideal for quick and easy bake-off at home. Now everybody can bake their own bread at home!

Always searching, always moving and always inspired

Inspired by worldwide trends and innovations, we are always looking for new flavours and products. This is why we continuously develop innovative products, packaging and wide-ranging overall concepts.

What is our secret?

Wheat flour




The best products,
always & everywhere

Every moment is a moment for the home bake-off products of Dutch Bakery. With our wide assortment everybody can bake their own bread at home!